Business Fashola Unveils New Plan to Boost Power Supply in Nigeria



The federal government of Nigeria has unveiled a power sector recovery program to boost electricity supply in the country.

Speaking after the Federal Executive Council meeting yesterday, Power Minister, Babatunde Fashola explained that the plan consists of policies, financial and operational interventions among other things, to improve transparency and the efficiency of the power sector.

He said the council discussed “how to simplify and reduce the cash deficits that have accumulated ýas a result of previous unilateral reductions of tariff by the last administration during the running of the elections.”

He said other matters discussed under the plan are “how to make the DISCOS viable, accountable and responsive to customers, ensure stability of the grid and expansion of the grid and transparency and communication within the sector, and also, processes for ministries, departments and agencies’ debts and how to improve sector governance, our roles in the business, the quality of personnel on the board of the DISCOS.”


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