Entertainment Freeze: Why Wasn't Hope Rescued By RCCG, Don't Give Any Pastor First Fruit



OAP Freeze has asked why Hope, the little boy who was discovered by Danish social worker, Anja Ringgren Loven, was rescued by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG.

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On Instagram the OAP wrote, ''Redeemed was busy setting up churches on every street, yet they missed this boy..... I bet with you, that there was a Redeemed church within walking distance from this starving child, branded a witch by the same doltish belief system that extorts your first salary every January, having you willingly give your hard earned money in a recession, to a church where the G.O has a private jet and leads a life of sheer opulence!
The Nigerian Pentecostal church brands people wearing tattoos as bad and 'unchristian' whereas this woman with all her tattoos is more Christ like than all your 'Daddy GOs' can ever be. What she is doing is all Jesus requires of us, Jesus NEVER COLLECTED TITHE or first fruit and his disciples didn't collect it either!

As a matter of fact, no Christian church collected tithe for 600 years after Christ died and resurrected.
History claims that Mungo Park discovered the Niger and we wonder "what were the Nigerians living around the Niger doing, that it had to take a foreigner to discover a river we were bathing in and washing from?" My answer was simple "The same thing we were doing when hope was found" ~FRZ
P.S. Anyone that demands your entire January salary from you, in this recession, is a thief! Anyone who gives it is a fool!