Metro Gambian Islamic Scholar Condemns, Terms Boko Haram Terrorists "Unpatriotic Muslims"



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Gambian Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Omar Jasseh, on Wednesday at the Annual Islamic Conference of the Gambia Goal Award Holders in Bakau has described members of Nigeria’s terror sect Boko Haram and of all groups that are fighting in the name of Islam as unpatriotic Muslims, citing Islam as a way of life and a peaceful religion.

Jasseh said that if we respect each other’s religion and freedom of worship, there would be no conflict and intolerance.

He said a patriotic Muslim must learn to forgive and forget because all souls are exalted from Adam and are all born equally to guide the relationship of peace and faith.

He defined youth in Islam as the second stage in life, which he described as the most important stage.

The Muslim cleric urged youth to be good and patriotic citizens and to emulate Prophet Mohammed, who used to exercise great patience.

Jasseh said this has become imperative so that “we can all live in peace.”

Boko Haram has been waging a violent campaign in Nigeria since 2009, killing over 12,000 people and wounding more than 8,000.

The group said it is fighting to establish an Islamic Republic in the secular nation.
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