Sports Gianni Infantino: FIFA President Blasts Africa's Slow Development



FIFA President Gianni Infantino is not happy about the slow pace of football development in Africa.

In a four-hour working visit to Ghana, where he paid a courtesy call on President Nana Akufo-Addo, Infantino urged Africa to stop developing at the pace of a tortoise and accelerate the speed of the growth of the game.

“I remember some of my fond memories about Africa football were the 1982 World Cup when Italy played Cameroon,” he recalled.

“Since then, everyone was saying that Africa football was the future; in 1992, Africa was the future, in the 2000s, [it’s same]…,” he said.

“We have to make it to the present. We need to move from the ’future’ to the present. And we can come and move to the present only if we establish some facts," he said.

“…I like to speak with facts and action; this is also part of good governance which is and has been necessary in Fifa. So completely, in Africa, Fifa was investing $27million every year throughout the continent for football development projects until 2015.

“As of 2016, we are investing $94million. We multiplied by 3-and-half, the direct investment into African football with the same revenues. So this money was spent already in the past by Fifa,” he noted.


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