Metro How Nigerian Army Stormed Borno Village, Executed All The Men Boko Haram Style [NYT]



Nigerian soldiers reportedly lined up all the men in a village in Borno and opened fire on them.

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New York Times in an investigative piece published on its website shared details of this gruesome attack by the Nigerian army as reported by a survivor.

Babagana, one of the men who somehow survived the attack by the army told his story. According to him, more than 80 men from his village had been shot to death. He said, all of them forced to strip to the waist and lie face down. The gunmen then burned their small farming village before speeding away.

The attack fit the pattern of rampages by Boko Haram but Babagana and multiple witnesses to the attack in June, as well as another one days before in a neighboring village, say the radicals were not to blame this time. Instead, they say, the massacres were carried out by the Nigerian military.

“We’re here to fish out your Boko Haram,” Babagana recalled soldiers saying.

The soldiers gathered women and children to one side of the village and told them not to look back.

“I’ll show you who’s Boko Haram,” Babagana recalled one soldier saying before he picked men from the crowd and shot them. “I ask you again. 'Who is Boko Haram?'''

Another witness, Falamata also told the story from her angle.

“They told us they were here to help us,” said a resident, Falmata, 20, adding that soldiers in uniform shouted for villagers to point out the Boko Haram members among them. When none were identified, the killings began, she and other witnesses said.

The soldiers drove off in military vehicles, and women rushed to the bullet-riddled bodies of their husbands.