Money How to Open Metatrader5 Account for Trading


On the enormous marketplace where national currencies circulate, individuals gain profit alongside banks and other institutions. Whether in South Africa or elsewhere, these retail traders access the market via specialized software. The second version of the most popular dedicated platform to date, MT5, is provided by Alpari. Discover how you can download MT5 platform in Nigeria to reap all the benefits.


Range of Accounts

A single platform allows residents of Nigeria to trade in two modes - demo and live. The former creates purely training conditions, with no money invested or gained. It does, however, open all the software functions for you to test. This way, a newbie may try out different strategies and get accustomed to the procedures.

Once you feel you have gained sufficient experience in theoretical Forex trading, switch to a live account and access the currency market for real. Monetize your knowledge through well-timed deals and withdraw profit via the broker. Aside from EUR, USD, and other base currencies, you may engage in trading of stocks or commodities (for certain account types only).

Installing the Software

The platform is compatible with all popular OS types. Whether it is a desktop or mobile device, there is an installation file for you. Windows and Mac users can find the necessary link on Alpari’s official website. In the latter case, you may need to follow the standard procedure for external third-party apps. Android and iOS-based smartphones can read thousands of user reviews in the Google Play Market and App Store.

On desktop PCs, running of the installation file opens up a wizard that guides you through the steps in the process. Thanks to smart optimization, the cutting-edge platform works seamlessly on any type of device.

The first time you fire it up, it suggests picking a server from the available list. The one you choose depends on your broker’s instructions. The second step is to type in the login credentials related to an account (either a demo or a live one).

How Are Accounts Created?

In general, whichever type you pick, it may be generated via a special form on the broker’s website. In case of a risk-free demo version, the login and password are a few clicks away - they will be emailed to you immediately.

Real live accounts involve a few more steps, as the provider needs to verify your identity. This is done in the trader’s best interests, as actual trading is done with real money. Alpari, however, prides itself on making the registration quick and streamlined.

Most brokers will demand verifiable contact details (including your phone number, tax details, and passport number). You may need to upload documents for the purpose of ID verification. It is also necessary to acknowledge the acceptance of certain terms. Once approval is gained, the details will land in your inbox.


What to Do Next

All you need to do now is log in on the platform using the credentials provided by the broker. Here, your Account ID serves as login, and the main password unlocks access. The necessary fields can be found via the File tab, which has the 'Log in to Trade Account' option.

Done! You can now see the details of your active foreign exchange account in the Navigator section. This window is located on the left-hand side.

Is That All?

Holders of live accounts may transfer money to and from the system through their broker. In Nigeria, this is done using a variety of payment methods, from debit cards to Skrill. Bear in mind that these transactions may take a few business days to clear.

You may think you are all set, but it is worth adding a few extras. MT5 already comes with built-in finance aids, but the MetaTrader 5 Supreme Edition Plugin (MTSE) makes its functionality even more impressive. This addition expands the range of indicators and gives access to expert recommendations.