Politics I Shall Expose Atrocities Of PDP Soon – Atiku - Leadership


Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar has promised to expose the deluge of atrocities the Peoples Democratic Party ( #PDP ) committed against Nigerians just as he counselled Nigerians to forget the party saying it will not rescue them even if it will last in power till eternity.

He however said Nigerians should wait till the electioneering campaigns start when he will have the avenue to reel out the malfeasance and sleaze perpetrated by the PDP against the people in the last 15 years saying “We never started hitting PDP until campaigns commence”.

Atiku who made the remark while commissioning the office of the #Atiku Abubakar Support Group yesterday in #Yola admonished Nigerians to reject the party come 2015 as it was the genesis and architect of all the problems afflicting the country saying the party lacked the wisdom nor the commitment to right the wrongs it afflicted on the country.

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Source: #Leadership Newspaper

#Atiku is a joker and hypocrite, thought he was once a part and parcel of this party. Well he should go ahead as this will completely kill a political career he never had.
@leo he's bluffing. He's only lookingvfor ways to discredit the PDP so the APC could gain more grounds against 'em. Typical politician.