Metro Islamic Teacher Allegedly Chains Young Almajiri, Sends Him Out To Beg For Food [PHOTOS]


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An Islamic teacher has allegedly chained a young boy and sent him to beg for food to eat.

According to multiple online reports, the young boy was sent to Islamic school in Zaria, Kaduna from Ɓoko village in Zamfara State.

His teacher allegedly put chain on him and sent him to beg for food to eat. The name of the Mallam is Sufi, at Rimin Tsiwa quarters in Zariya City Kaduna State.

Photos of the boy have been shared online in order to call the attention of the authorities. The Islamic School is reported to be adjacent to Alhaji Sani Rimin Tsiwa house.

See photos below:

chained almajiri a.PNG

chained almajiri b.PNG

chained almajiri c.PNG