Last Ebola-Free Region in Liberia has been Hit by the Virus



Head of the Health Workers Association of Liberia, George Williams, has announced that Sinoe, the last area untouched by the #Ebola disease ravaging the country has been hit by the virus.

As the disease continues to ravage West African countries, the World Health Organization says it would take months before the disease would be brought under control.

Extract from AsiaOne:

Every region of #Liberia has now been hit by #Ebola, officials said Friday, as the World Health Organisation warned the fight against the worst-ever outbreak of the killer disease would take months.

After seeing people fall to the deadly virus in area after area, Liberia said two people had succumbed to the virus in Sinoe province, the last Ebola-free bastion in a country that has seen the biggest toll with 624 deaths.

The virus has spread relentlessly through Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, and Nigeria has also been affected despite showing some progress in fighting the epidemic, which has killed 1,427 people since March.

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