Metro [List] 17 Legacies Abubakar Audu Left For The Kogi People



Here are the 17 legacies of Abubakar Audu left for the Kogi people.

  • - He built the Obajana cement factory which he later handed over to Dangote.

    - The Kogi State Confluence Radio Station.

    - He provided hundreds of transformers that was shared among the 21 LGAs of the state.

    - He built the State Confluence Beach Hotel.

    - He constructed the Lokoja township road as well as those of "Most" of the LGAs.

    - He Built the Kogi State University.

    - He renovated some of the water boards in some of the LGAs and built some for other LGAs.

    - He built thousands of housing units for the State workers.

    - He facilitated the mounting of several police post across the state to beef up security.

    - He built the Kogi state Diagnostic Hospital.


    - He renovated all the state General Hospitals across the 21 LGAs.

    - He created the additional LGAs that were later scrapped.

    - He built high standard State Secretariat for the workers.

    - He built the State Government House in Lokoja.

    - He Renovated and constructed some Governor's Lodges across the state.

    - He constructed the State Motor Park and donated buses to all LGAs, individuals and groups in the bid to empower them.

    - He employed thousands of youths into the state Government, First Bank etc.