World Man Sleeps With His Daughters, Nieces to "Prepare Them for Marriage"



A 45 year old man in Zambia has been caught red-handed sleeping with one of his daughters.

Enock Mweene of Magoye district, chief Mwanachingwala in southern Province, was on Thursday caught having sex with his daughter by his wife.

Enock has 7 children, 3 of them are girls. According to reports, he's had sex with all of his daughters, including some of his nieces.

His wife alerted members of the community to what was going on and when he was questioned and beaten, Enock admitted to having sexual relations with the female members of his household and said he was doing it to prepare them for marriage.

“I am preparing my daughters for marriage; this is my move to prepare them for marriage. Don’t beat me up,” he pleaded.Enock has been carrying on the incestuous relationship for over two years.

There had been rumours that he was sleeping with his daughters within his community, but most people assumed it was simply a rumour, until he was caught by his wife.

“We are shocked with this man, rumors were all over that he is sleeping with his daughters, till today when we witnessed it, he was right on top of his second daughter” a witness said.


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