Metro Nigeria: Lunar Eclipse To Occur Midnight Feb. 10


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Prof. Babatunde Rabiu, a space expert says the solar eclipse expected in Nigeria and some countries on Feb. 10 and on Feb. 11 is a natural occurrence that causes no harm.


The eclipse of the moon is expected to take place on Feb. 10, starting from Chile and will be seen across parts of South America in the morning.

The eclipse will be seen across the South Atlantic Ocean and expected to end in south western parts of Africa at sunset. Rabiu, the Director, Centre for Atmospheric Research (CAR), Anyigba, Kogi, Rabiu told pressmen on Friday that the solar eclipse was a natural phenomenon that could be exciting to watch and could not cause any harm.

He said that it happens as a result of partial covering on the moon but should not be worshipped as being done in some societies.

“It can be an exciting view for the public and causes little or no harm to humans. “Solar eclipse of the moon is a natural phenomenon that happens because the objects in the universe are in motion.

“The earth is in motion and the moon is also in motion, the moon moves around the earth in an orbit and takes about 27 to 28 days to complete the cycle.

“What happens is that, in the night you can see it clearly, but certain times some things might cover it and it is out of view, this covering is the eclipse which can be a partial or total.

“It is not a phenomenon to be worshipped or given a special attention, it is just a natural occurrence that can be exciting for viewing,” he said.

Source: Vanguard