Politics Nigeria: See List of 6 Poorest States According to 2016 Budget


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Due to the effect of fall in oil price in the international market, the federal government and states have adopted a prudent budget to fund their capital and recurrent expenditures.

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In an investigation by Daily Trust, nearly half of the federal and 36 state governments’ budget of N12.2 trillion for the year will be spent on salaries and overheads.

Here are the 6 states with the lowest budgets considered poorest:

1. Ekiti (N67 billion)

2. Niger (N74.7 billion)

3. Gombe (N76.5 billion)

4. Nasarawa (N77 billion)

5. Enugu (N85 billion)

6. Yobe (N88.9 billion)

They have a total budget of N469 billion not more than 70% of Lagos state’s budget.