Nigerian Army Launches Mobile Strike Force To Fight Boko Haram



The Nigerian Army has announced the launch of the unique Mobile Strike Force (MST). It is another approach that the Army will use to put an end to rebellion and improve security network in the whole region.

The new force will be first used in the new attack against Boko Haram criminals in the North-East of Nigeria. Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, announced it on August 15, during the inauguration at Maimalari Cantonment.

He noted that presently Nigerian soldiers were unprotected to contemporary terrorism combat techniques to allow them crushing the radicals.

“That is why we launched MST. We finally want to wreck them. This force will have various fighting platforms and equipment to attack deep into the hinterlands and achieve the conduct of long range voyages. All these will undoubtedly help us to succeed in Operation Lafiya Dole and improve our efficiency,” Attahiru informed the people of Nigeria.

Additionally, the commander asked the soldiers to remain firm, strictly controlled, and strong-minded to win this campaign against terrorists finally. The Major-General reminded his soldiers that triumphant war campaign against the Boko Haram radicals would have the ineffaceable pointer in the history of counter-terrorism campaign in the North-East of Nigeria.


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