Politics Nnamdi Kanu is Obsessed With Biafra to the Point of Insanity- Wife



Uchechi Kanu, the wife of incarcerated IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, has revealed that her husband is so obsessed with the agitation for the restoration of Biafra that he once threatened to sacrifice her and their children to achieve his aim.

"He is a man that is obsessed with Biafra to the point of insanity and many times he has said publicly that he would gladly sacrifice me, the children and the wider family, if that is what it would take for Biafra to be free. That is the type of man Nigeria is facing, and that is the kind of man my husband is," she said.

She then urged the government to release him from prison.

“We Biafrans have the uncontested right to self-determination; the Nigerian government and their terrorized judiciary, who are afraid of honest interpretation of the law, should stop interfering in this case because all they end up doing is foolishly showcasing their unintelligent criminal cheating minds before the whole civilized world.

“As for the struggle, the Nigeria government and her agents should allow us Biafrans to hold a referendum (with reference to Scotland/UK). If we lose, we will stop agitating for Biafra.


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