NUC Advises Universities on Preventing Ebola Outbreak on Nigerian Campuses



The National Universities commission (NUC) in a memo from the Executive Secretary #NUC, Prof. Julius A. Okojie to all University Vice Chancellors, has urged universities to take measures in preventing an outbreak of the #Ebola virus on Nigerian campuses.

The memo said it was imperative for the Nigerian university administrators to take clear measures to prevent its spread within campuses given the high rate of staff and student mobility.

According to the memo, universities were advised to;

*.Encourage staff and students to curtail all non-essential travels;

*.Ensure that students from other parts of West Africa studying in Nigeria, but are currently on holidays do not return until further notice.

*.Direct Nigerian students, especially language and exchange students, due to commence studies in other African countries to postpone their resumption until further notice.

*.Ensure that all visitors identified to have come into the campuses from affected areas must be duly screened for the virus before being admitted into the campus.

*.Urge every member of the University community to pay close attention to sanitation and the cleanliness of their immediate environment on campus.

The message according to LiveSchoolNews further stipulates that Universities should take other precautionary measures that will ensure the safety of their communities against the dreaded Ebola disease.



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