Money Online Slots Themes that are popular with players


When slots were first invented, only one person was required to create the idea. That was Charles Fey, and he is the reason we even have slot machines to play today. Yet speaking of today’s slots, it now takes many more people to contribute to a great idea and to execute the game itself.

This is because the technology has become more complicated, of course, but also because the players want more than they’ve ever had before. They don’t just want to play slots; they want adventure and excitement, and they want something memorable - check out Virgin Games Review.

In the past, slots might all have melded into one another and become one big game, but now there are distinct differences between them, especially when you think of the themes. The theme of the slot is what the game is based around, and there are all kinds of variations to this. Some are more popular than others, but every player is going to have a favourite that they go back to time and again. What are the most popular slot themes that you should start with if you’re not sure what to look out for?


Movies and slots go together really well and this is probably why, if there has been a big movie, there is going to be a slot linked to its plot or characters (licensing allowing, of course). You can find some excellent nostalgia in the form of Gremlins, The Goonies, Jurassic Park, or Conan the Barbarian, for example, as well as more up to date films. In fact, it’s likely that, whatever film happens to be in production right now, there is a slot being created to match it and be released at the same time.

If you love a particular movie then it certainly makes a lot of sense to play the slot based on it. You’ll probably hear the familiar soundtrack and see well-loved characters, and the symbols are going to be related to the movie in some way. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even see scenes from the film playing on the video slot too.


Date or holiday themed slots are another extremely popular idea and, just like with the movies, if you love a certain holiday it’s worth checking to see if there is a slot game that works with it. It could be Christmas, Halloween, new year, Easter, or it could revolve around a historic event that took place in a certain year.

These games are fun because you’ll get a sense of history or a feeling of excitement for the holiday you’ve chosen, but you can play them at any time, so you’re not limited to enjoying Christmas in December if you want a hit of festive fun in June.

Traditional Slots​

Strange as it may seem, and although exciting, weird and wonderful themes are popular, something that is becoming increasingly played are the traditional slots. Without any bells and whistles, without any fancy graphics or mega-soundtracks, these are slots as they were originally meant to be played, and people love them.

It’s good to have choice, but sometimes, when there is too much choice, it’s good to keep things simple.

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