Metro [OPINION] Naira Scarcity, Fuel Scarcity; APC's Atrocity


It's highly unfortunate that a dead man would be subsequently served another poison. This is the exact position of common Nigerians in the country called Nigeria.

Just few months to the recently concluded Christmas, Nigerians were made to hunt fuel as if it was a tiger. However, this is a very 'avertable' situation that has to do with logics and reasonable leadership.

Again, after the Christmas, a new year that people have hoped to start a new life, forge ahead with goals and challenges, the government has gone ahead to further bastardize the well-being of the people by making sure fuel is not available for use.

As if that's not enough, a new naira policy was implemented where new notes were printed as legal tender. The apex bank sorting to implement a national policy of replacing a national note has not even circulated the notes before placing a ban on the old notes. Yes, this is not a nightmare, this is Nigeria, the place where leaders don't think and the people are made to suffer the ignorance.

It's so unfortunate that the ruling party called APC to be held responsible for this atrocity is presently galvanizing around the nation with threats and promises to get a re-election. Wow, this is not a zoo, yes this is still Nigeria, the supposed giant of Africa.

These two unfortunate events happening at the same time is enough to cause a shutdown in a developed country but here, Nigerians are enduring and patient, they always find a way to survive even if it causes an unfixable damage.

In this present state and period, no free and fair elections can be held, else, voters would be manipulated, cheated, dominated and contaminated due to the present challenges.

At this stage, every Nigerians should note and never forget that leaders should at all point in time be held responsible for all calamities, achievements and affairs of the nation. Definitely, no sane Nigerian should be reminded how to vote or who to vote unless such person have fed on poison and is ready to sail off life.

The present state of the nation is unfair and it's high time the people rose up to fight for themselves without waiting on anyone or nation for parenting. Definitely, the best battlefield is the ballot points.

If an egg is bad, one must remove it so it doesn't cause a great damage to the numbers of other eggs in the crate. Hence, Nigerians should remove all these eggs from the crate come February.

Article by: Ajiboye Amos Olakunle