Oral Care: 6 Important Reasons You Should Floss



Flossing is so uncommon among Nigerians that when you ask people if they floss, they get to ask you what you mean by ‘floss’. Flossing is so important that you cannot achieve good oral hygiene without it and this is not in any way exaggerating. It is something you should do every day because of the many benefits to not only your oral health, but to your entire health.

In case you do not know the steps to take in flossing effectively, then you should check out the Step by Step Guide on How to Floss Effectively.

Below are some of the many benefits associated with effective flossing and they are why you should floss.

Flossing prevents the buildup of tartar

Plaques are usually formed along your gum line and if these plaques are left undisturbed for some time, they harden to become tartars which can cause gum and teeth disease. Flossing removes these plaques and ensures that they do not get to become tartars. Tartars can only be removed with professional help

Brushing and Flossing is more effective than flossing alone

Brushing and flossing are two daily activities that are complementary. Doing one of them can get you some benefits but you need to do the two to get the best of oral health. Brushing your teeth with your toothbrush and toothpaste removes plaques from your teeth but there is a limitation in terms of reach - your toothbrush cannot get between your teeth and under your gums. This is where flossing helps - it easily gets to those places where your toothbrush cannot reach to remove plaques which are films that form on your teeth and can be bacteria-laden.

Flossing protects your gum from disease

When tartars form, there is always a great risk for gum diseases such as gingivitis and if gingivitis is not attended to, it can further lead to periodontitis when it spreads deeper into the gums. This is a more severe gum disease. Flossing just once in a day can save your gum from such potential hazard.

Flossing can prevent other life threatening diseases

It has been shown that bacteria that thrive in teeth and gum disease are a factor in some conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases. It has therefore being advocated that one of the ways to prevent these systemic diseases is through good oral hygiene and your oral hygiene is not complete without flossing.

Flossing saves you money

All you need to floss is to get dental floss which is cheap. Using a floss everyday can save you money on your medical bill. This is because flossing prevents the buildup of tartar which will cost you some money to remove. It also prevents gum disease which can significantly affect your medical bill.

Flossing Prevents Bad Breath

Flossing is important in preventing and combating bad breath. This is because most of the plaques that are formed between your teeth can become laden with foul smelling bacteria and flossing ensures that there is no room for such habitat for bacteria.

Considering all these great benefits of flossing, it is important that you should begin flossing today. Get dental floss today and secure your oral health.

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