Origin of the Disease: How Ebola Emerged Out of the Jungle


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There are several mysteries where the Ebola virus is concerned. For one, how many strains of the virus are out there? Are they all lethal? How did the first Ebola victim contract the disease, and if the disease was smothered years ago, how come it has returned?

There are also conspiracy theories saying the disease is a biological weapon created by the West to handle the population 'problem' in Africa. Is there credence to this suggestion? A round-table talk with a few people today in light with news that Patrick Sawyer probably knew he had the virus before boarding the Nigeria-bound plane suggested that Sawyer, himself an American citizen, was a biological terrorist on the sole mission to import the virus into the country.

It is expected that everyone would go haywire, after all it is said that people fear what they do not understand. The main goal, therefore, should be trying to understand the virus. Several schools of though believe the fear of the virus may be deadlier than the virus itself.

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Source: #ABCNews


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