Metro Photos: See The Late Antonio Oladeinde Fernandez In Luxury


Temitope Akinola
Vanguard has compiled a list of luxury Photos of the late billionaire, Oluwo Antonio Oladeinde Fernandez who died yesterday at 79 during his lifetime. The photos were shared by Dele Momodu on his Twitter page.

A younger Fernandez

Fernandez (right) with his last wife, Halima

Fernandez, with Halima in his Kano home

Fernandez inside his private jet with Halima. He was said to have six of them

A turbaned Fernandez

Fernandez (right) with former US President George Bush (senior)

Fernandez (right) with his family when he invited Africa’s icon, Nelson Mandela (left) on his eye-popping island in New York

Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu shares the luxury of billionaire Fernandez, when Fernandez invited him from London for lunch in Edinburgh, Scotland. Momodu (left) with Fernandez (right)

Fernandez and his daughter, Bimbola, a.k.a Bim, a singer based in New York

A portrait of Fernandez as a member of the Ogboni Confraternity

YEMOJA, the ocean-going yacht owned by Fernandez. Its details is available on for charter

Inside Yemoja

Fernandez island home in New York , United States