Metro Port Harcourt: Popular General Overseer's Wife Indicted in Baby Factory Scandal, Flees to USA


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Bet you didn't see this one coming.

As this story goes, the wife of one of a popular General Overseer in Rivers State (his name is withheld) is n the run from the police ever since it was discovered that she was running the biggest (allegedly) baby factory in Southern Nigeria.

The suspect identified as Emeka Precious Chinyere, was alleged to have sold babies to desperate women between N 2.5 million and N6million. Her beneficiaries, we gathered, come from all parts of the world.

Her modus oparandi as gathered, included giving desperate women concoction which would make their stomachs to start protruding, until the day of delivery. However, the delivery process is said to shrouded in mystery which the Police is trying to unravel.

It was gathered that most of the beneficiaries were women who had waited for years without bearing children. The amount paid for each pregnancy as gathered, varied according to the age of the individual and the period of waiting.

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Source: #Vanguard


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None shall be barren in the house of the Lord. Since the Bible did not categorically state how, she decided to fulfill scriptures the best way she knows how to :D

All these names wey una go dey withhold anyhow, deris God oo. Most people in Rivers would have gotten wind of the story and already know the general overseer na. Make una dey try carry the entire country along abeg.

Journalists for this country sef, na una own bad pass.

Meanwhile, i know the name of the general overseer was withheld because he did now have any clue about what his wife was doing. He spent most of the time she was moving babies around on the mountain, interceding for his congregation.:)