Business See The Net Worth of Late Mohammed Ali



According to The Richest, certified cultural icon, Muhammad Ali had an estimated net worth amounting to $80 million in 2012.

CelebrityNetWorth, however, says he's worth $50 million.

In 2006, Forbes said Ali sold the rights to his name and image year for $50 million to licensing mastermind Robert Sillerman, chief executive of CKX, who adds the champ to his stable of iconic American brands that includes "American Idol" and Elvis Presley.

The three-time heavyweight champ will retain a 20% interest in the business. Ali's name has generated between $4 million and $7 million annually over the past five years, largely through endorsement deals with companies like Adidas and Electronic Arts.

The boxing legend’s biggest payday came on Oct. 10, 1980, in Las Vegas, where he fell by technical knockout to Holmes but earned a purse of $8 million.

Apart from his life as a boxer, Muhammad Ali was also a known social activist and philanthropist.


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