Metro Soldiers Flee As Boko Haram Approaches Maiduguri


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Vanguard reports that Maiduguri has become a strategic point for Boko Haram's march of terrorism. A security expert from South Africa, Ryan Cummings, has said that the capture of Maiduguri (even for a short time) by the sect would be a major victory for them and it would serve as a major boost.

Capturing Maiduguri will give the sect control of the town and also an international airport.

Vanguard reports thus:

As the rampaging Boko Haram insurgents continue their deadly attacks in Northern Nigeria, towards Maiduguri, it appearred, yesterday, as if the army has given up, with soldiers deserting and residents fleeing the towns and villages.

At night, a resident said he was awake and heard gun shots from a distance. “Nobody can sleep anymore,” explained a resident from Maiduguri, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Gwoza, Bama, Gulak, Michika, Duhu, Shuwa, Kirshinga – the Islamists have been capturing new cities on an almost daily basis.

They arrive in hijacked army vehicles, fight off the Nigerian troops and terrorise the residents. “Boko Haram are committing all kinds of atrocities killing and raping. At the same time they are taking young girls in batches and the city is littered with dead bodies,” said Senator Ahmed Zanna. Bama is just 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) from Maiduguri and fell to the Islamists four days ago. Zanna recounts how the soldiers who were supposed to defend Bama, refused to advance any further, noting, “They were ill equipped and they just stayed in Kondudga.”

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Source: #Vanguard


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