Metro Solomon Arase Carpets IG Idris - 19 Police Cars Were Not Recovered From Me



Former Police IG Solomon Arase has accused his successor, Ibrahim Idris of sponsoring damaging media posts against him.

This follows recent reports saying 19 police cars were recovered from Arase, cars he refused to let go when he left his post as IG.

“It is embarrassing for me to wake up on Monday morning to be inundated with calls and messages on purported 19 vehicles recovered from me. I wish to reassure the general public that there was nothing like that. As I said in July, I did not take any police vehicle with me outside what I am entitled to, and so, there couldn’t have been any vehicle recovered from me. If there was any such, those behind this campaign of calumny should please make the number plates of the vehicles public and where they were recovered from,” he said on Monday.

“It's unfortunate that this matter is being made a media issue because my successor has my telephone number and could have called me for any clarification or even sent me a text message rather than addressing the media on an issue well documented in my hand-over notes," he stated.


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