Politics Suntai,Acting Taraba Governor to Face Impeachment Soon



There are reports that a ''cabal'' in Taraba state will soon attempt to impeach ailing Governor Danbaba Suntai and acting governor Garba Umar. DAILY TRUST has this story.

A “cabal” is trying to engineer the impeachment of both Taraba State Acting Governor Garba Umar and Governor Danbaba Suntai if a medical panel determines that the governor is unfit to retake power, it was revealed yesterday.

The plan is for both of them to be removed at the same time so that the unnamed “cabal” will seize power illegally, Umar said in an interview aired yesterday.

Suntai returned to Nigeria last week, after 14 weeks in the United Kingdom for further treatment of injuries he sustained in a plane crash in October 2012. He had earlier spent 10 months in hospitals in Germany and the United States until August last year. His associates say he is fit to take charge from Umar, who was made acting governor three weeks after the air crash near Yola.

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SOURCE: #DailyTrust

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