Money The Most Common Blackjack Variants You Can Play Online


Blackjack is an exciting table game played with the standard deck of 52 playing cards. It is known to have a lower house edge compared to other casino games. Blackjack has a multitude of versions that we will describe in the post. It is, however, easy to learn and play since the fundamental rules are universal.

Classic Blackjack

It is also referred to as American Blackjack. The objective is to beat the dealer’s hand by having a hand with a value closer to or equal to 21. If at any time the player’s hand exceeds 21, a ‘bust’ occurs where the player loses the hand regardless of the dealer’s total. Each round starts with the player and the dealer each receiving two cards. The player’s cards face up while only one of the dealer’s cards faces up. The player then chooses to stand, hit, or double down. The number cards 2 to 10 count at face value, Aces count as 1 or 11, while King, Queen, and Jack count as 10.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is typically played like Classic Blackjack. The significant difference is that the dealer does not receive a hole card until the player has decided how to play the cards they received. Players can only double down when their cards show 9, 10, or 11.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This form of blackjack has similar rules to the Classic Blackjack but allows players to have a side bet. The side bet is a gamble on whether or not the first two cards that the player is dealt make a pair. The pair is categorized into three types, with each type paying differently. A mixed pair that pays 5:1 is one where the two cards have the same number but different suits and colors, while a colored pair paying 10:1 occurs when the two cards have the same number and color but different suits. The perfect pair, which pays 30:1, is one where the two cards have the same number, color, and suit.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is known for its player-friendly rules that allow players to double down on their initial hand and split up to four hands per round, with doubling down allowed after splitting. It is usually played with four standard decks of cards. The player gets two cards facing up while the dealer gets one card face up and the other face down. The dealer can peek for blackjack if he holds an Ace or 10.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is one of several multi-hand blackjack variants, and the player must play two hands. At the beginning of each separate blackjack hand, the player must place two equal bets. Each hand then receives two cards. The blackjack player can switch the second card dealt with each hand. This move enables the player to create stronger starting hands potentially. A dealer’s hand of 22 does not count as a ‘bust’ but as a ‘push’ unless the player has a blackjack.