Top 9 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in 2016



Cargo space, child-quieting amenities and distractions, affordability and more stuff are some factors car buyers look at when considering selection of a family car.

However, with the increasing price of petrol, there may still be plenty reasons for families to give fuel efficiency some serious consideration.

Below are best fuel-efficient family cars that may go with buyers selection.

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf 2016 boasts of miles gallon equivalent of 126 city, 105 highway, 115.5 combined with electric charge range of 83 miles and maximum cargo space of 52.7 cubic feet.

Standard features including an electrically heated windshield, full LED headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights, rearview camera, Media Device Interface (MDI) with iPod cable, navigation system with 5.8” touchscreen with proximity sensors and voice control and other places e-golf as number in most 2016 rating of fuel-efficient cars.

2016 Honda Fit
With miles per gallon equivalent of 33 city, 41 highway, 37 combined, maximum cargo space of 52.7 cubic feet, the 2016 Honda Fit positions self at very competitive advantage.
Fit got a complete revamp that makes it an incredibly worthy tailgate vehicle despite its size. Its cargo space with the seats down actually decreased from 57.3 cubic feet last year.

2016 Mazda3
Mazda3 2016 edition has miles per gallon of 30 city, 40 highway, 35 combined and maximum cargo space of 47.1 cubic feet, A 2-liter engine gives the little hatch 155 horsepower, which basically dusts most vehicles in its class while still putting up nearly 36 miles per gallon of fuel efficiency

2016 Chevrolet Malibu
General Motors made a big point of overhauling the Malibu in 2013 by packing its base model with an AM-FM stereo with iPod/USB and auxiliary input jacks, Bluetooth with hands-free streaming of audio from compatible devices, OnStar and Sirius-XM Satellite Radio It has miles per gallon of 27 city, 37 highway, 32 combined and maximum cargo volume: 15.8 cubic feet

2016 Honda Accord
2016 Honda Accord has miles per gallon of 27 city, 37 highway, 32 combined and maximum cargo space: 15.8 cubic feet and with every facelift, the Accord may have turned into a better deal.

2016 Hyundai Sonata
The Sonata can’t fit a scout troop or the midfield and defense of a youth soccer team, but for a family of four, there’s 106.1 cubic feet of cabin space that’s among the roomiest in its class. It has miles per gallon of 25 city, 38 highway, 31.5 combined and maximum cargo space of 16.3 cubic feet.

2016 Honda CR-V
With miles per gallon of 26 city, 33 highway, 29.5 combined and a maximum cargo space of 71 cubic feet, Honda CR-V stands a go-to family crossover in across the world, making a perennial top 10 best-seller not only for its price, but what that price affords.

2016 Toyota Highlander
Introduced about a decade ago, this Camry-based crossover helped kill the lumbering conventional SUV with miles per gallon of 20 city, 25 highway, 22.5 combined and maximum cargo space of 83.7 cubic feet.
That mileage complements features like a panoramic moonroof, power liftgate, three-zone climate control and backup camera without sacrificing the Highlander’s storage space or three rows of seating.

2016 Toyota Sienna

The all new Toyota Sienna has miles per gallon of 18 city, 25 highway, 21.5 combined and maximum cargo space of 150 cubic feet.


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