Sports UCL: 5 Keys to Barcelona's Epic Comeback Against PSG at Nou Camp



FC Barcelona on Wednesday night staged an unbelievable comeback against PSG to qualify for the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Champions league.

Barcelona scored 3 goals in the last moments of the game to win 6-1 and 6-5 on aggregate.

Here are 5 keys to the comeback.

  • Suarez's early goal: Suarez opened the scoring in the first 20 minutes of the game, galvanizing his teammates to go for victory.
  • Ter Stengen's save: Things could've gone for the worse after PSG scored to make it 3-1. Cavani, two minutes after finding the net was clean through with only the keeper to beat. Stengen's outstretched foot kept the ball away from the goal. It would've been over if that ball had gone in.
  • Cavani's goal: Barcelona became a bit laid-back after the third goal and it seems they won't be able to score that much needed fourth. Cavani's goal sort of motivated them, creating the stage for the next fabulous 33 minutes.
  • Neymar: Definitely the man of the match. Neymar's 88th minute free kick was the catalyst for Barcelona. Two minutes later, he scored from the spot and Barcelona added the 6th in extra time.
  • Belief: The Barcelona team, both coach and players, before the game had a spirit that said anything's possible. They thumped Sporting and Celta Vigo to reinforce their beliefs and the result is the UCL quarter final ticket.


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