Entertainment Waconzy Nigerian Singer Flaunts $100,000 Cash, Posts Photos

In a brazen display of wealth, rising singer, Waconzy has released photos where he flaunts $100,000 cash and left a message, which was laden with enough anger to leave fans wondering who or what got the singer upset enough to make him write and post such a message.

The message of the singer, who is presently on tour in the United States read: "I don't need your cheap gigs to make cash. You need me bitch cos I got the bigger picture! Superman Steady on the grind... $100,000 stack. Balling like Waconzy.. Ekpoh for the haters!"

What do you make of Waconzy's message and the images?

#Wacony #HowRichisWazonzy @WaconzyNigerianArtiste

Waconzy with $100,000 cash (1).jpg

Waconzy with $100,000 (1).jpg

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Another clown who will be broke in 12 months showing off notes. We are really confused in Nigeria.

No light, no water, no roads.
The "rising singer" tag is the most hilarious bit. I love Nigerian glitterati, but Waconzy was last relevant in 2009/2010.
From his comment, he must really feel let down but like we both know, it's okay to sound tough when you feel let down (or heartbroken). Lol - Waconzy, it's alright. Why not try investing all that money into the business side of music... Who knows, things might turn around for the better. That sounds better than trying to buy your way into the heart of lovers of good music. Kapish!!!
Me, I've never heard of Waconzy
Jeez @Lequte - You're innocently MEAN. Lol. Now that you mentioned it, I suddenly realise Waconzy is more popular in e-mails and newsletters than he is to fans in the real world who have pumping hearts. Well, I know he has a song titled 'I Celebrate' but beyond that, I'm more familiar with his last ditch attempts to tell us who he is... Waconzy, don't stop now - Keep pushing the brand :D:D:D
@Lequte The only album of Waconzy i've ever come across is titled 'MBG' (Money Back Guarantee) and it has 20 tracks. You'll have to be the judge of whether it's superb or a musical experiment gone bad. ;)
I recently downloaded "I celebrate" (last year) to remind myself why "Iworiwo" was such a hit back then. Against the backdrop of less-than-genius Nigerian music in recent times, the music still managed to make my eyes water and my ears hurt.

I have an ongoing conspiracy theory that "I Celebrate" was such a hit because it was a sob story, and the average Nigerian will never pass up on an opportunity to go "eeyah."

"I was born with a silver spoon, but then I lost the spoon. And I give God all the glory oh, 'cos now when I waka for street people talk say them know me oh..."

Like I said. Sob story. You'd think that, after his 'travails' he'd have the presence of mind not to engage in harebrained displays.
I am usually apathetic to a large number of Nigerian artistes, but Waconzy? Ah. In his interviews he is extremely offensive and insults every other artiste. What gives him the right? What has he achieved that makes him think, for example, he can call Terry G's music "noise making"? Is it not the same noise they're making? Ugh.
@Vunderkind Your theory holds enough weight to capsize another Titanic (wondering why no one has attempted building another) and it's not hard to see why that works in this part of the world. Timaya has been a major beneficiary of such emotional exploitation - worked for him like magic as well. Such songs offer a sober relief to the ears of the vast majority; far away from the Hennessy and Moet verses that have become the order of the day. Like you said, Waconzy has strayed off the path that got him the listening ears of his fans in the first place and now thinks he's a Jay Z or a prince from Qatar. Oh my... :D:D:D - This can't continue. If it does, I see us talking about him the way we would a Morachi in the near future. But before then, he still has loads of days and months to reflect on what's working and what's not. @Lequte Not a bad strategy especially when you plan to delete the songs after a few weeks. Hehehehe ;););)
Silly little boy. He did not need to but has been caught up in the world of fakedom
Before now, I had decided to give Waconzy the benefit of doubt but with this, Waconzy officially loses my respect. Do you realise what goes on in the minds of hustling youths who see Waconzy flaunting $300,000? The possibility of desperation sets in and that doesn't end well a lot of the time. @TheLeftWing Yeah! At least we now know he's a broke ass brother. *Shaking-my-head*