Metro We’re Suffering Under President Buhari – Elder Yakassai



Elder statesman, Tanko Yakassai, who served as Special Adviser to President Shehu Shagari on National Assembly Matters and before then was commissioner for Finance in the old Kano State said that Nigerians are currently suffering under president Buhari's administration despite his promises.

The elder statesman said this in an interview with Vanguard newspaper, he reviews the steps of the Muhammadu Buhari administration among other issues.


“Buhari came to power with three major promises, that is tackle Boko Haram, down grade corruption in the country and lastly provide employment for jobless Nigerians especially graduates. These are apart from other personal promises. So, for us to evaluate his performance, it should be related to the platform upon which he came to power. Buhari gave a deadline of December ending to get rid of Boko Haram, but just a few days back I heard that the Federal Government is warning the general public that Boko Haram are changing their tactics to attack soft spots such as schools, motor parks, markets and other areas where people gather”, he said.

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