Business Who is the best Wholesale Supplier in Nigeria?

Hello folks,
I am starting a new clothing business and looking forward to find out which is the best wholesale brand in Nigeria? I sorted out few names, help me select the best option:
1. Alibaba
2. PapaChina
3. Made In China
4. 4Imprint
5. Walmart

Help me out folks.
Ohh nice business you are about to start well I think PapaChina is one of the best wholesaler of clothing in Nigeria because I have also purchased some products from them and I got the best services with high-quality products.
Can you tell more about PapaChina? I have also heard that they are one of the top wholesaler in the Nigeria but do their service and product quality matches as par with world's best. Do they offer any discount or something...? Waiting for your answer.

Thank you.