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    30 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Those Who Dare to Dream – Naijabizcom

    Are you tired of the grind of tedious shifts at work and endless meetings? Do you want to launch an independent venture to take control of the entire trade as the CEO? Well, you may need a bit of funding along with courage and dedication to feed your passion (neither … Read more via...
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    Business Where can i get uniquely designed T-shirts at wholesale price?

    Hello folks, As i stated in my previous posts that i run a clothing store in Nigeria. I am looking to induct some new and latest design t-shirts into my collections. I have contacted some local manufacturer but they were all using same old design. I am looking for some thing unique and trendy...
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    Business Does this make any sense? Babajide Sanwo-Olu to employ graduates as drivers

    He said, “The BRT issue is something that has to do with culture. When we take over, by the Grace of God, we will advertise and see if we can employ some of our graduates as drivers. “What I realised is that apart from the money we will be paying them, which is more than what they are paying an...
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    Business Offline or Online Marketing - Which is Better for my new Wholesale Business?

    Hello, As i stated in my previous post i was starting a clothing business. So, now i have opened my clothing store. We are also doing its marketing for some time now like distributing flyers, giving newspaper advertising. We are also promoting it on social media. But we are not getting much...
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    Business Who is the best Wholesale Supplier in Nigeria?

    Hello folks, I am starting a new clothing business and looking forward to find out which is the best wholesale brand in Nigeria? I sorted out few names, help me select the best option: 1. Alibaba 2. PapaChina 3. Made In China 4. 4Imprint 5. Walmart Help me out folks.
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    Sponsored The Most Popular Trading Strategies On Forex

    Forex is attractive for the opportunity to earn the additional profit on it in a relatively short time. However, in order to succeed in the market, it is necessary to develop a clear scheme for concluding transactions, the so-called Forex strategy. It is your personal set of rules for entry and...
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    Questions to ask before starting a business – Punch Newspapers

    The statistics are a bit dire: 20 per cent of small businesses do not make it past their first year — and fully half will close their doors before their five-year anniversary. Nonetheless, eager entrepreneurs regularly take the plunge in order to follow their dreams of owning … Read more via...
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    7 Instagram tips to grow your business – TechMoran

    As far as your online audience is concerned, all your business is, is a selection of social media accounts. And, unless you communicate with your audience effectively and convert them to customers, a group of social media accounts is all your business will remain to such a crowd. Luckily, social...
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    How To Make A Side Hustle Work For You, According To The Pros – AskMen

    How To Make A Side Hustle Work For You, According To The Pros The numbers tell all: doing the side hustle is hot and it’s certainly here to stay. At least 62 percent of Millennials have considered launching their own business, … Read more via AskMen
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    How I Went From High School Dropout to Millionaire CEO in Two Years (And You Can, Too) – Entrepreneur

    This article is written by Colin Wayne, CEO of Redline Steel, who is an advisor for The Oracles. I’m a high school dropout—no college education, no business training. Yet, I started a steel manufacturing company from scratch in 2016, and it’s on track to gross more than $30 million this year.…...
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    Metro Buhari's Son on Sick Bed Boosts our Sales - Hospital Traders

    As President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf, continues to receive treatment at Cedar Crest Hospital, Gudu District, Abuja, some petty sellers close to the hospital are happy about the boost in their sales due to the influx of dignitaries, PUNCH reports. The traders, who deal in food, recharge...
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    Politics Murtala Mohammed’s Son, Risqua, Quits Politics For Business

    Abba Risqua Murtala Mohammed, the first son of the late Head of State, Gen. Murtala Ramat Mohammed, on Sunday in Kano stepped aside from politics, saying the decision is to enable him to concentrate on his business. Risqua, who was a running mate to the Peoples Democratic Party governorship...
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    Business Unilever To Invest N4.3b In A New Nigerian Plant

    Unilever, one of the biggest conglomerates in the world, has revealed plans to invest €10m (N4.3bn) in a new plant in the country as part of its expansion programs. The revelation was made by the Unilever Executive President/CEO, Mr. Luc-Olivier Marquet during an interview with the MARKETING...
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    FX Policy: Tomato Union Proffers Alternatives To CBN

    The Spokesperson for Tomato Union of Nigeria (TUN) has proffered alternatives to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over the inclusion of tomato paste triple concentrate in the Forex policy which placed restrictions on 41 items. Mr. Nnamdi Nnodebe, The Managing Director, Sonia Foods Industries...
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    Business Nigeria - 13/6/2016: Today's Naira Rate Against The Dollar, Pounds, Euro

    Today's (13/6/2016) exchange rate of the Nigerian Naira against the Dollar, Pounds and Euros
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    Business Nigeria - 10/6/2016: Today's Naira Rate Against The Dollar, Pounds, Euro

    Today's exchange rate of the Nigerian Naira against the Dollars, Pounds and Euros
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    Business President Buhari Launches the 'Aso Villa Demo Day' [See Details]

    President Muhammadu Buhari will host the brightest startups from across the country as they pitch to a wide range of investors and decision-makers in the public and private sector. The aims of the ASO VILLA DEMO DAY is to showcase the best of Nigeria’s startups to the President and an...
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    Business Nigeria-China Currency Swap Deal At A Glance By Joseph Uwaleke

    As the name implies, currency swap is an arrangement between two friendly countries to trade in their own local currencies, paying for import and export trade at pre-determined rates of exchange without the use of a third currency like the United States dollar. Since the financial crisis of...
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    How To Claim A Tax Refund From The Federal Inland Revenue Service

    Do you have a legitimate Tax Refund to claim from the Federal Inland Revenue Service? Below are processes and requirements for claiming your tax refund in a timely manner: 1. Address your application to: The Executive Chairman Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Revenue House 20 Sokode...
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    Business Nigeria: See Today's Naira Exchange Rate

    This is today's exchange rate.... March 28th, 2016. Source: Guardian Newspaper