Business Why Participants With Huge Investment Have Not Been Paid – MMM Guider


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A top guider on Ponzi scheme, MMM has revealed why participants with huge investments have not been paid. The guider on condition of anonymity spoke with Daily Post.


Responding to why many participants who have millions of naira are yet to be paid, he explained thus: “We are processing, but can’t pay them now.”

“We need money in the system and that is why the increase in interest is on the cards so some can decide to leave their funds.

“That said, participants that have between N50,000 and N300,000 or so are being paid on a daily basis, you can do your findings.”

On the introduction of Bitcoin, for MMM operations, the guider stated that participants will start receiving more information on BitCoin when they log in.


This scheme is dead and no amount of fasting or mid-night vigil will save those in it. There is no money to give you back your money, it was paid out to people at the top of the pyramid!! Time to put an end to the publicity. You were warned.

Then again, same thing happened with the Nigerian banks and their public offering!