Politics Yoruba Alliances With the North is Fool's Gold - Bayo Oluwasanmi


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“There are times when even the greatest tactician in diplomatic cunning is outclassed in his own game. It is then that he discovers that all he thought he had gained is but loss, and that what is left of national honor and dignity is but the shadow of an illustrious past that is gone forever, or of a potentially great future that will never come.” - Awo

The real Yoruba leaders are gone from here. We’re sad, unsure, and our hearts are broken over their loss. We remember their unique idea of servant-leadership that impacted on our lives with joy, passion, spirit, and with gratitude we pay homage to them.

We remember with pride and praise their words dripping with truth, grit and grace, wisdom, courage, resilience, conviction, integrity, dignity, and more importantly, their love for our people. The present crop of self-styled politicians who parade themselves as Yoruba leaders are in direct conflict and contradiction to our leaders of yesteryears.

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Source: #SaharaReporters


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