Metro Yorubas are Ready to Break Away From Nigeria- Elder Statesman Adebanjo



A leading Elder statesman in the south-west, Ayo Adebanjo, has stated that the Yorubas will soon break away from Nigeria.

According to him, there are many signs that the country will soon disintegrate.

“We are going for disintegration. That is what I am sorry about. You cannot keep the country together like this. You would continually be suppressing there and suppressing there. The Southern Kaduna affair, the people there shouted against regionalism, because of the oppression there.

“They said the Fulani were oppressing them. If you look at the recommendations of the 2014 National Confab, we said any area that has economic interests are free to stay together after a referendum of 71 per cent. That was how we brought in regionalism. We did all that to make sure we stay together.

“If you look at the agitation of the South South, South East, they are not even insisting on restructuring; it is restructuring within Nigeria or outside of it. We even understand that some radical Yoruba have drawn the map of the Oduduwa Republic and all that, but we are keeping them down.

“There is an advantage in the economy of scale but we cannot keep them down for too long when we know that they are being cheated. We say those areas that they feel they are being cheated; let us iron it out so that we can stay together. What is wrong with that?”


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Who are those radicals?
Are they up to 70% the confab you outcome say?
Can we just stop heating up the whole place. Our elders have so forsaken us, mortgage our future on division rather than unity.
It's a pity we don't like to face reality, Nigeria is a wrong union that can not last forever. The mentality of an average Hausa man especially the Fulanis is far different from that of either the Yorubas or an Igbo man, their culture, the way they think, their approach to life, and how they value life of others. The only solution to all religious killing in Southern Kaduna, series of religious riots and killings that has been going on for years in the northern part of the country has defiled permanent solutions, the agitation of the South South will never stop completely since they believed they are being marginalised. If all the regions agreed to disintegrate, or if at least the Yorubas join the Igbos to agitate for break away, all the regions can agree together on a peaceful separation.
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