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    World Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber Kills 7, Wounds 327 in Kabul Attack

    At least seven people were killed and 327 others wounded in an ongoing Taliban attack in central Kabul Tuesday, the Afghan health ministry said. "Many of those wounded are in serious condition," ministry spokesman Mohammad Ismail Kawoosi told AFP. A suicide bomber blew himself up next to a...
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    World Afghanistan: Police Chief Shot Dead in Ambush

    Parun Provincial Governor, Haffiz Abdul Qaum on Tuesday said a district police chief was killed following an ambush attack in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nuristan. “The enemies of Afghanistan attacked the vehicle of, Enayatullah Khan, police chief of Duab district, with guns along a main...
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    World Suicide Bombing Near Clinic Kills At least 13 In Afghanistan

    Police said a suicide attack in Afghanistan’s central Parwan province killed four police officers and nine civilians on Monday. General Mohammad Mohammadzai, the province’s Police Chief, said the Taliban militant attack also left 17 people wounded and most of them were civilians. He said...
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    World Afghanistan President Ghani Vows to 'Bury' ISIS

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has promised to “bury” the Islamic State (IS) militant group, whose local offshoot has clashed with government forces and Taliban fighters. In a BBC interview, Ghani said IS was “not an Afghan phenomenon” and its atrocities had “alienated the people”. “Afghans are...