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    World Niger Temporarily Suspended by African Union After Military Coup

    The African Union (AU) has announced the suspension of Niger until the restoration of civilian rule in the country. The AU's Peace and Security Council has also stated its intention to evaluate the potential consequences of deploying a standby force in Niger and provide a report on the matter...
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    World US coronavirus death toll exceeds 170,000: Live updates – Al Jazeera
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    World South Korea: More recovered coronavirus patients test positive - Al Jazeera
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    World Oceans To Have More Plastic Than Fish By 2050 – WEF Report

    The world's oceans may have more plastic debris than fish by the year 2050, according to a report produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and published by the World Economic Forum. The study, released on Tuesday, found that a whopping 32 percent of all plastic packaging escapes collection...
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    World Al Jazeera to Shut Down American News Channel

    Al Jazeera America, the American cable news outlet owned by Qatar-based Al Jazeera, plans to shut down operation less than three years despite spending heavily to break into the US market. The cable news network will be phased out by April 30, according to a memo that was emailed to staffers...