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    World Netanyahu says African migrants worse threat than jihadists – Times of India

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that an electronic fence along the Israel-Egypt border has saved the Jewish state from jihadist attacks or what he believes would be worse – a tide of African migrants . Read more via The Times of India –
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    World Israel PM Netanyahu defiant in face of bribery allegations – BBC News

    Mr Netanyahu is reported to have met investigators several times Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hit back after police said he should be charged over alleged bribery cases. Speaking on Israeli television, he branded the allegations “baseless” and pledged to continue … Read...
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    World What Isreali PM Netanyahu Said About Biafra

    Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday mentioned Biafra in his Holocaust Remembrance Day speech. According to Jerusalem Post, speaking at Yad Vashem at the annual ceremony Netanyahu said, “The simple truth is that in our world, the existence of the weak is in doubt. When facing...