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    Video 5 Best Ways to Reduce Your Risk of a Stroke

    With recent news of celebrity stroke-related deaths, including John Singleton and Luke Perry, your heart health may be top of mind. You might be also be wondering how Perry and Singleton passed away from a stroke at such a young age (Perry was 52 and Singleton was 51). The truth is that while...
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    Sexual Health Oral and genital herpes are ‘having sex’ and creating new viruses – Daily Mail

    Oral and genital herpes were thought to split off into two separate viruses six million years ago, but a new Washington University study found their DNA is mixing … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    General Health Training for marathon ‘reverses’ ageing of vessels, cuts stroke risk – The Hindu – Health

    Novice runners had a four-year reduction in arterial age after training, says study Training for and completing a first-time marathon reverses ageing of major blood vessels, according to a study which found that the older and slower runners benefit the most... Read more via The Hindu –...
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    General Health Brain Tumor Early Symptoms |

    Headaches may be the initial symptom that something is wrong. The brain, with its delicate tissue, is enclosed within a rigid skull for protection and has little room for expansion. Headaches may reflect increasing pressure as the tumor grows according to Rush University Medical Center. The...
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    General Health Eye Doctor Shares Graphic Photos to Warn Against Sleeping in Contacts –

    An eye doctor from North Carolina posted graphic images to warn people against sleeping in their contact lenses. It might be tempting to not take your contacts off before bed, however, graphic images of an eye ulcer that formed when someone slept with their soft … Read more via
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    General Health Common Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women – Verywell Health

    Acute pelvic pain is pain that starts over a short period of time anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. This type of pain is often a warning sign that something is wrong and should be evaluated promptly. Pelvic pain can be caused … Read more via Verywell Health
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    General Health Drinking Too Many Protein Shakes Could Reduce Your Lifespan – AskMen

    Smashing a protein shake right after a workout is often just as satisfying as the exercise itself. Job done, gains made, throw that thing back for maximum muscle boost. Damaging Your Liver But the explosion in popularity … Read more via AskMen
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    General Health There Are Actual Health Benefits to Masturbating – AskMen

    Most of us have been tugging the ‘ole one-eyed snake since around the time we hit puberty, but masturbation is still one of the more taboo sex subjects. It’s one thing to discuss your sex life with a doctor or a particularly accommodating friend, but … Read more via AskMen
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    General Health Can’t Give Up Your Coffee? Here Are 8 Ways To Make It More Gut-Friendly – mindbodygreen

    Sometimes it’s the dairy, not the coffee, that’s the problem. So, if you suspect you have lactose intolerance, switch to lactose-free milk or plant-based milk. A small amount of half-and-half (1 to 2 tablespoons) is also considered lactose-free. If you have a dairy allergy, avoid dairy...
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    General Health 7 Tips for Improving Your Memory and Preventing Memory Loss – Mayo Clinic

    Can’t find your car keys? Forget your grocery list? Can’t remember the name of the personal trainer you liked at the gym? You’re not alone. Everyone forgets things occasionally. Still, memory loss is nothing to take lightly. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing memory...
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    Sexual Health Everything You Need to Know About the Morning-After Pill – brides

    Did you forget to use protection last night? Maybe the condom broke? Maybe you’re using the rhythm method, but it didn’t go perfectly? Whatever the reason, you need the morning-after pill. If you have questions about this form of emergency contraception, you’re not alone. There is a lot of...
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    General Health Wash Your Hands Immediately After Touching These 10 Things – Readers digest

    Washing your hands is a given if you want to avoid germs—but it’s especially important after touching these microbe magnets. Washing your hands is essential to good hygiene, stopping germs in their tracks. … Read more via The Family Handyman
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    Family Health How parents kill their children’s confidence – The Guardian Nigeria News

    As parents or caregivers, we want our children to grow strong and healthy. We also want them to have healthy confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we may do things that actually hurt our children’s confidence and self-esteem instead of … Read more via The...
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    General Health Don’t rinse after brushing and other tips for better dental health – CNN

    We all know the advice for healthy teeth — brush twice daily and don’t eat too much sugar. So why do those of us following these instructions find we sometimes need a filling when we visit the dentist? The truth is, there’s a little more to preventing tooth decay than … Read more via CNN...
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    Video 5 Signs of Low Testosterone - The Epoch Times

    As we age, we begin to experience many different changes to our bodies and health. For men, one of these significant changes is a reduction in testosterone, which can lead to unwanted symptoms. But how can you tell if you are enduring regular changes or if they are a result of low testosterone...
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    General Health End to Aids in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission – the Guardian

    An end to the Aids epidemic could be in sight after a landmark study found men whose HIV infection was fully suppressed by antiretroviral drugs had no chance of infecting their partner. The success of the medicine means that if everyone with HIV were fully treated, there would be … Read more...
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    General Health Life-Saving Trick to Save Yourself If You Are Choking With No One Around to Help –

    Imagine the agonizing pain your body must feel when it’s being deprived of oxygen. It’s no joking matter. The obstruction of the airway passage, even partial, can result in asphyxia and death, which is why choking is the fourth most common cause of unintentional injury-related death. Children...
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    Sexual Health Feminine hygiene: how to keep your vagina clean and healthy – Netdoctor

    aginal cleaning is more of a hot topic than ever before. With new products such as douches and perfumes being released every week, it's enough to make any woman question whether she should be doing more to keep her vagina clean... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Sexual Health Men with serious illness may not seek erectile dysfunction treatment – Yahoo News

    Men with serious illness may not seek erectile dysfunction treatment Yahoo News Erectile dysfunction is a common condition, but only 10 percent of men with erectile issues are typically treated, the study team notes. "What surprises us the … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News...
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    General Health How to lose weight without going on a diet – and it’s easier than you think – mirror

    Graeme Tomlinson, AKA the Fitness Chef, is a man on a mission. He wants people to ditch fad diets and insists they can still lose weight while eating pizza, chocolate and indeed, any of their favourite foods. The 31-year-old from Aberdeen has hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers thanks...