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    Metro 5 Major Differences Between Sunni and Shia Muslims

    From Nigeria, to Iran, Saudi Arabia and other world countries, there have been several uproars among Islamic followers and leaders believed to be sectarian disputes in the world. The recent cases was the Shiite/Military attacks in Nigeria, ad the execution of Shiite cleric in Saudi Arabia, a...
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    World 2 Sunni Mosques Bombed in Iraq, Muezzin Shot Dead

    Explosions have rocked two Sunni mosques in central Iraq Monday, amid fears of renewed sectarian strife following Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric, police and medics said. Groups of men wearing military uniforms detonated explosives at two Sunni mosques overnight in the...
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    World Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Iran

    Saudi Arabia has cut off diplomatic relations with Iran on Sunday, giving Iranian diplomats 48 hours to leave the country, as the kingdom’s execution of a dissident cleric inflamed sectarian tensions in a region already brimming with conflict, wsj reports. Crowds of incensed Shiite Muslims...