Politics 2015: Boko Haram will Help President Jonathan Win Re-election with Ease



Emmanuel Addo, a Public Affairs analyst and a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Part claims that the Boko haram insurgency will help President Goodluck Jonathan win 2015 presidential election without hassle.

During an interview session with Vanguard, when asked to react to the claim in certain quarters that the insurgency is actually targeted at weakening the Jonathan administration so that the President does not seek a second term, Addo said, "Now, unfortunately, I would say that in all the political statements I have so far heard, I think the most unfortunate of them, which has also placed the north in a very bad situation was that credited to certain Lawal Kaita in 2011 that the North was going to make the country ungovernable if Jonathan won the election. I have not heard him deny that statement till date.

"Unfortunately, it is a statement that is going to really hurt the North because the perception now is that the Boko Haram insurgency is targeted at the government of President Jonathan and the pattern of attacks has been made very clear: it comes any time the President is trying to carry out some political engagements.

"You would remember that it was during his visit to Kano that the first Nyanya blast was unleashed. He was going to Ekiti when the Jos bomb blast occurred and when he was about to go to Yola for a political event, the second Nyanya blast went off and so on. So, everything in life is about perception and we cannot run away from it.

"Truly, what is happening is targeted at Jonathan’s administration and the perception is very clear. Now the danger is that even if Jonathan is defeated, we are going to have a big problem in the Niger Delta and unfortunately for us, whether we like it or not, it means that Nigeria is not going to sell even a litre of oil not to talk of a barrel.

Speaking further Addo said, "Whether the president is defeated fairly or unfairly, people are going to assume that it is because some persons from the North had sworn to make the country ungovernable for the President and he has been defeated through a combination of orchestrated factors.

"They may decide to go their separate ways. That is why I have been saying that the 2015 election will not be based on performance but on personalities. Even though Mr. President has performed creditably despite distractions, I want to say that the election will be won and lost because of the personalities. The perception that the northern insurgency is targeted at Jonathan has framed the question for the 2015 election. I am saying so because, election, like, religion is an emotional issue. I have met people who are now saying they are going to vote for Jonathan because they believe that the insurgency is deliberately targeted at him.

"And now, for the North itself, it is a problem for them. Assuming that anyone in the North is able to come out and contest the Presidency, it is going to be difficult for the North to support such a person for him to win. Why is it that the North is in crisis today? For us, it is not good because enlightened self interest tells me that the North needs help. But the north should help itself first by accepting other minorities of the North and we must help them to achieve that.

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Source: #Vanguard

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