Politics 50% of My Cabinet Would be Young People-Atiku [Full Details of #MeetAtiku]



On Saturday, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar had a round table discussion with young Nigerians where he fielded questions on a wide range of topics ranging from Education to politics and economy.

The discussion which was tagged #MeetAtiku was broadcast life on social network. The event was moderator by Mercy Abang. Nigerian Bulletin brings you details of what went down at #MeetAtiku.

Question: How many jobs have you created?
Atiku: Roughly 50,000 in Nigeria and other African countries

Question: You switched from PDP to APC. Would you switch again?
Atiku: APC is my last bus stop.

Question: Yes or no, are you satisfied with President Jonathan's handling of security?
Atiku: No

Question: How would you improve our economy?
Atiku: Agriculture, and improved human resource base. Our economy does not need to be resource based. Our resources should be a means to an end. Our people must be willing to take risks. My first real business was in transportation (hire purchase). I actually lost my first transport business, but I tried again. I kept on. Young entrepreneurs need access to low interest funding, and business information.

Question: Can you visit US?
Atiku: Yes. I have a visa, issued last year. My family doesn't live there anymore, so no reason to go.

Question: Would you support any APC presidential candidate other than you?
Atiku: Yes. I've said this is my last bus stop. I want the APC to succeed. This is because we need two strong parties in Nigeria

Question: How would you fight corruption?
Atiku: Strong institutions. We set up EFCC, it worked till political influence upset it

Question: Do any of your children school in Nigeria?
Atiku: My daughters went to ABU, one Medicine, one Pharmacy. The strikes did drive some of my kids abroad - they needed to finish on time. This is unfortunate, and we need to fix it. Student fees do not cover AUN's recurrent expenditures, I cover that for now.

Question: How many jobs have you created for Niger Deltans?
Atiku: Over 20,000 in Rivers State alone. I was the first Nigerian politician to propose the Ministry of Niger Delta. I had hoped the ministry should be sited in Niger Delta. Ministry of Niger Delta should be working from the Niger Delta, instead of sharing money in Abuja.

Question: How do we improve executive accountability?
Atiku - You young people, have to elect better House of Assembly and representatives for that to happen

Question: General Buhari has 12m votes. Is he a better candidate?
Atiku: Are these votes locked in a safe? The party will support every candidate with an objective to win. The voters will need to protect their votes.

Question: Why are you still running after all these years?
Atiku: I've only ever been on the ballot once, when I knew I would lose, but ran to protect our democratic integrity.

Random Quotes: "Education is the investment closest to my heart - I started from nursery school, all the way to university -Atiku

"Devolution of powers from the FG to states will improve the state of agriculture, because states control land, not FG" -Atiku

"My experience with foreign universities and @Aunnigeria drives my passion to improve our education. I feel pride seeing the AUN graduates I've met who never applied for jobs, but are employing up to 20 people. I want same for all Nigerian graduates" -Atiku

"50% of my cabinet would be young people - qualified young Nigerians. We have them around the world" -Atiku

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