6 Simple Ways To Prevent A Car Fire



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Have A Fire Extinguisher
: It is even illegal for your vehicle not to have a fire extinguisher. It shows how important it is.

Drive Safely: Most car fire accidents occur after collision when driving recklessly. Ensure you don't drink and drive. Also, be at alert. Don't doze and drive.

Avoid Transporting Fuel: Fuels are highly inflammable. As much as possible, try not to transport fuel in your vehicle. If you must, keep it away from electrical wires.

Park In A Safe Location: Park far away from things or places that could start a fire easily. Open kitchens, electrical installations etc. Better safe than sorry

Tidy Up: Plastics, bits of paper and other stuff that burn easily should be cleared from your car.

Carry Out Routine Checks: Before using your vehicle, check under the hood and around it for leaks or cracks. Also check for for bad fuses, unclad wires or slack battery terminals. Replace them if possible but if very serious, get expert help

Good luck!!
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