Sports 7 Reasons Why Arsenal Have Not Sacked Arsene Wenger


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Premier League champions, Leicester City axed their coach Claudio Ranieri despite leading the club to a fairy tale title last season.

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Elsewhere, in North London axis of the country, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has remained tight-sited despite recent poor result and long year of trophy-less streak.

Why is the Arsenal board holding on to Wenger? Below are some of the reasons Arsenal has kept Mr. Arséne Wenger as manager because:

1. Trust: Arsenal’s kind of trust is such that existed during the early years of football. The have faith in his abilities and believes that he can replicate the years of achievements.

2. Emirates Stadium: Building the Emirates stadium would never have been possible without the prudence of Arsene Wenger. The new stadium was built at a cost of over $500M and was completed in 2006. The increase in capacity from 38,000 and 60,000 and the commercial opportunities provided by the new facility has helped drive Arsenal’s annual revenue to record heights.

3. Economic Stability: Arsenal may not be doing as expected on the field of play but they are a giant in the economic scene, thanks to Arsene Wenger. After signing the Puma deal in 2014, Arsenal cash reserves rose to £138.8million. A time Manchester was owing up to the tune of £380.5m. The last time Arsenal incurred a loss was in 2002.

4. Consistency: Even if they don't win the league, Arsenal has consistently been in the top 4 and won the F.A. Cup. The board members seem to be good with this.

5. Youth Policy: As good players were sold, Arsenal fans became increasingly frustrated and many accused the club of becoming overly focused on buying bargain bin replacements but Wenger has done well in ‘building’ replacements. According to him, ‘we make superstars, we don’t buy superstars.’ Notable among his progenies are Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie, Emmanuel Petit etc.

6. Shareholding: The ownership of Arsenal Football Club is considerably different from that of other clubs in English football. It is owned by a parent company, Arsenal Holdings plc, which has relatively few shares which are infrequently traded. The current highest shareholder is Stan Kronke, who is utterly opposed to the sacking of Wenger. In contrast, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov is in support of a total overhaul and splashing of fund in the team but since his intention has been known, he was never allowed to be on Arsenal board of directors despite over 30 percent shareholding.

7. Wenger’s Acievements: Before Wenger, Arsenal have been managed by 25 coaches, all from the UK. He is the first foreigner and till date the most successful with 3 Premier League titles, 6 FA Cups and other domestic titles. He will always be pampered as Arsenal’s greatest.
Coaches are hired to win trophies primarily.

If I wanted all those things you listed up there, I'd hire an astute businessman. Say, Steve Jobs. Wenger should've been Arsenal's President then or Business development Manager if he wants to make profit for ARsenal.

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