7 Reasons Why You Should Never Get Married


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Since birth, the knowledge instilled in us is the institution of marriage is what young adults will pass through in their lives. Also, we were made to believe that marriage embodies so many pleasant things, and leaves you better off financially, physically and mentally.

However, real-life possibilities, of which there are so many, have not projected marriage as a happy, normal 'thing'. To them, it is the worst thing that has ever happened to them. Should we all aim to get married? Are we naturally wired to be married to another person? Why are so many people scared of getting married? Now, let's talk about reasons why you should avoid marriage.

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1. Freedom: The days of absolute authority on whereabouts are over. Once you get married, you enjoy none or little of such freedom. Under a veil of caring, your partner would want to know every detail of your movement. Friday hangouts, overtime office works, etc. would be forgone for one person.

2. Love: Often, we are told that love conquers all, it is the foundation of all happiness and joy in life, and once found, you should do away with everything else to honour it. However, few find this love in marriage. The cruelty many suffer in marriage in the name of 'Love' is truly unbearable.

3. Commitment: Marriage is a commitment and sacrifice. It is like living on another planet. To have an enjoyable marriage, you must be willing to let go of your productive work-life and lifestyle.

4. Friendship: Marriage easily hurts friendships. Once you're married, you get to relate more with your partner and less with your friends as the marriage matures.

5. Financial Problems: Marriage can present a lot of financial problems. The financial responsibilities imposed leave so many couples swamped in debts after marriage, which further puts the home in disarray, and ensures financial imbalance for a long time.

6. A great percentage of marriages end in divorce: Marriages are only 50/50. What other long term commitment would one want to make if it only had a 50/50 shot at success? Don’t forget: divorce comes with its expensiveness and patriarchy obligations, especially in a marriage with kids. You have to to pay for child support, schooling and sometimes even rent.

7. Scandal: Oh, scandal wrecks the ship of marriages, and it eventually leads to them breaking/tearing apart. Especially for celebrities, scandals have torn relationships apart and makes marriage undesirable.