8 Surprising Health Benefits of Weightlifting



We all know that exercise is crucial to living a healthy life. It decreases the risk of disease, improves sleep, combats depression, and reduces stress. Weightlifting can help you burn fat, reduce your risk of diabetes, prevent back pain, help you fight depression. and some other amazing health health benefits below:

1. Enhances your immune system and reduce the risk of diseases:
Maintaining a healthy weight and looking good aren’t the only factors that should convince you to hit the gym. Studies have shown that apart from making your muscles and tissues stronger, weightlifting can also strengthen the immune system, i.e. your primal body-guard that fights off viruses and bacteria while maintaining a normal blood pressure and adequate insulin levels as well. Exercise keeps you healthy by significantly lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer and diabetes.

2. It promotes both muscle & bone health:
Resistance training tends to be most efficient at keeping your bones and joints healthy and lowering the risk of fractures. In addition, since weightlifting strengthens the muscles, ligaments and tendons and increases their flexibility, you’ll be less prone to other common injuries as well.

3. It boosts your testosterone levels and better sex life:
Testosterone is a vital hormone that enhances muscle building, helps your body regulate fat storage and maintains your mood and libido. And there’s no better way to naturally spike your testosterone levels than lifting weights – yes, that’s a scientific fact. But moderation is the key here, since spending too many hours in the gym every day can increase your cortisol levels and lead to a drop in testosterone. In addition, all that testosterone can significantly improve your sex life – apart from being in great shape, your sex drive will go through the roof. Many studies have shown that even people suffering from serious cases of erectile dysfunction can benefit greatly from regular exercise.

4. It improves brain function:
Regular weightlifting can lead to improvements in memory, focus and reaction time. In fact, any physical activity can help the stressed-out brain get refreshed and ready for new challenges. Studies in rats have shown that physical exercise boosts BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor – a molecule that promotes the growth and survival of brain cells) levels in the hippocampus, which is a brain structure crucial for learning and memory formation.

5. It increases levels of energy
A 30-minute mid-afternoon workout will replenish your energy levels, repair any damage caused by stress and help you keep a sharp focus throughout the rest of the day. Physical activity delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and enhances the function of the cardiovascular system, helping all of your organs work more efficiently. Sometimes we’re inclined to skip a workout because we feel too drained, but even then, exercise can effectively activate our whole body and lead to a boost of energy and enthusiasm by reversing the negative effects of a busy working day.

6. It balances out the mood swings:
Multiple studies have shown that lifting weights works better than medication for people who suffer from anxiety and depression – and doesn’t bring any negative side effects too! Through the release of endorphins, any physical exercise will relive tension and stress and boost your physical and mental energy, but if you’re feeling especially blue or agitated, weightlifting is your new best friend. It’s proved itself to be most effective for releasing of all those suppressed negative emotions, and since it demands a high level of focus and mindfulness, it will also prevent your thoughts from wandering outside the gym throughout the whole activity. Try doing it regularly for a few weeks and you’ll be feeling significantly more relaxed and positive.

7. It boosts self-confidence:
Watching your body progress from being plump and weak into a muscular sculpture will greatly enhance your sense of power and confidence. And what’s a better way to boost definition than weightlifting? Together with the development of your muscle mass and strength, you’ll score an improvement in both posture and overall attitude. It will be easy to transfer this new found feeling of empowerment to all areas of life and success will naturally follow.

8. Weightlifting decreases injuries
A common misconception is that weightlifting is dangerous and leads to harmful injuries. This is only true if excessive weight is used with improper form. 80% of injury cases occur due to a tendon, ligament or muscle not being strong enough to handle a stressful force. Weightlifting actually strengthens these ligaments and tendons. Stronger connective tissues and increased joint stability also prevents back pain and arthritis.


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