Politics Ahmed Lawan: My Appointment as Senate Leader is an Act of God



Nigeria's Senate Majority Leader, Ahmed Lawan has stated that his appointment in the Red Chamber was predestined.

“My appointment as Senate Majority Leader by my colleagues in the APC caucus was an act of God, it was predestined. I want to thank my colleagues for having the confidence in me to do that job as senate leader.

“My appointment as you know was the position of the All Progressive Congress right from the beginning when we ran for the senate presidency with the current senate president Sen. Bukola Saraki. The party nominated me as the Senate Leader, Sen. George Akure as the Deputy Senate Leader and other two principal officers for other party positions but something happened and we were never so appointed.

“But in the wisdom of our colleagues after one and a half years or so, the caucus decided that it was time to change what was done and that the party’s supremacy must be adhered and here we are.

“It is our believe that, that stabilizes the APC caucus in the senate, that brings unity to the senate and we can now face the real challenges of development in our administration. I believe that will also stabilize the entire senate as a whole because a stabilized and unified APC caucus ensures that the APC caucus and the minority parties will work better. So on the whole we have a better senate now, a more stable senate and I am sure it’s going to be a more productive senate.


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