Metro Borno IDPs Allegedly Being Fed With Poisoned Beans [PHOTOS]


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Facebook user, Yaga Allen claims that some IDPs at Teachers Village IDP camp in Borno state, were given these spoilt beans to cook and eat yesterday. According to him, the IDPs were given the spoilt beans on Wednesday and Thursday.

Decayed and moulded beans are likely contaminated with mycotoxins (i.e., fungal poisons).

Corroborating this claim is Chibok leader and spokesperson, Manasseh Alleh, who visited the camp and shared photos of the IDPs with the rotten beans.

According to Mansseh, the IDPs told him they had to wait for 42 days to get their ration of beans. He said a pregnant woman was picking some of the beans so she can cook because she has had nothing to eat.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the State Emergency Management Authority, Satomi Saleh, has been notified and he says he will be at the camp this morning to verify these facts.

See photos below:

spoilt beans idp 1.jpg

spoilt beans idp 2.PNG

spoilt beans idp 3.PNG

spoilt beans idp 4.jpg

spoillt beans idp 5.png