Politics Buhari 2019: Tinubu Crying More Than The Bereaved - Okorocha



Governor Rochas Okorocha has scolded Bola Tinubu over the later's comment on President Muhammadu Buhari's second term in office.

Okorocha had expressed support for Buhari, hinting of an automatic presidential ticket for him come 2019. Tinubu later responded, saying there's nothing of such in the party. According to him, the president will agree to going through APC's primaries before emerging as candidate.

Reacting to this development, Okorocha labelled Tinubu as "crying more than the bereaved.

“The (Tinubu’s) statement came to me as a surprise, come to think of it, I never referred to him. I refer to the governors of Nigeria including the PDP governors and I said only one or two of them have not joined yet", he said during the weekend.

“Since I made the statement, no governor has said something contrary to what I said. I am surprised that Asiwaju will now be speaking for the governors. He looks like somebody crying more than the bereaved.

“I did not see reason for the statement actually. But he commands my respect and I don’t want to join issue with the National Leader of my party.

“What I mentioned was for the governors and secondly what I said is support.

“The word I use is support that does not mean there will not be primary.

“Governors can only contribute only 37 votes, we still have over 5 ,000 votes up there . What I was talking about was governors.

“I was not talking about other party members . Governors alone do not determine the flagbearer of a party.


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